Grisham Stadium, Criswell Court, Cole Field . . . these names have held special meaning for 2014 Carrollton High School senior athlete Will Hesterlee for the past four years. Considering the blood, sweat, and tears poured out at each arena, the meaning of these names goes far beyond literal. Grisham Stadium is not just a place for Friday night lights and football games; it’s a place to lay your heart and soul on the field, a place where dreams of region championships and trips to the Georgia Dome become reality. Criswell Court . . . that’s where you give it your all in the cold days of winter to see the Black and Gold heat up the scoreboard. And Cole Field . . . Cole Field is where you play in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game THIS SATURDAY with the guys you’ve come to call family.

Will is part of that awesome family, the Trojan Baseball team that’s going for the trophy this Saturday! He’s also been to the Georgia Dome twice for the state championship football game, and had incredible performances on the Carrollton basketball team. On top of his exceptional athleticism, Will is also an amazing, kind, intelligent, multi-talented senior with exceptional character. At the CHS Honor’s Night Awards Ceremony, Will was presented the AJC Cup (formerly called the Atlanta Journal Cup), which is one of the longest-standing student recognitions in the state and the highest honor a member of the senior class can receive. As stated by the AJC when quoting other schools’ descriptions of the award, the honor is reserved for the “senior who stands above the rest” and “excels and shows leadership in community activities, arts, athletics, and academics.”

Will, congrats on an amazing season in all three of your sports, on an incredible award, and on making it to the state championship with Carrollton baseball (good luck this Saturday)! We know you have not only made your family proud, but also your school and community. You’ve also shown that Grisham Stadium, Criswell Court, and Cole Field aren’t just locations for sporting events. They are places the Trojan Nation has one single name for:  Home. Will, we know you’re going to do amazing things in college and take pride in your new school, but the Black and Gold community has just one request:  don’t forget Home. And we’re not worried- we know you never will.

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