No brown leaves, no grey sky. “California dreamin'” became a reality with Class of 2015 Harrison High School senior Alexis Erebia! Considering what a bright, sunny, smiling senior Alexis is, it made sense that her destination session would be in Malibu, California! That bright light of hers doesn’t come from the west coast sun, though, or even the east coast sun, haha. It comes from within, and that’s why Alexis brought extra warmth even to California! Ha ha, really, it was much warmer there in September than normal, and we consider Alexis and her family’s warm hearts to be responsible for that crazy weather change! 🙂

Amidst the warm, happy sunshine, we traveled with her family from the beautiful trees at Pepperdine University to the flower-filled streets of Malibu, and finally to the beach! Every stop along the way was photo-worthy, especially with Alexis’ perfectly coordinated outfits and jewelry (we LOVED her blue, green, and white floppy hat)! The beach at Leo Carrillo was gorgeous, and the high surf crashing into the rocks was bigger and better than we could have imagined, especially with Alexis’ stunning gold dress! Alexis was fearless too:  there was a time when she was sitting on a rock facing us (with her back to the ocean) and she saw the shadow of a giant wave coming towards her. She modeled through it, and the funny faces and laughter followed. So much fun! We ended her destination senior session with two final outfits: the first was Alexis’ gorgeous, floor-length, flowing blue dress at sunset, complete with birds flying overhead as we overlooked the full ocean scene. Her final look was a floral romper that got soaked when the tide surprisingly rolled in and splashed her! We think it was just the California ocean saying goodbye to sunny Alexis. 🙂 Alexis, thank you for the sunshine that you bring every day, not just in Cali! We know it comes from the contagious love of your whole family- and we love all of you!

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