You know someone’s beautiful when even her silhouette shows her glamorous curls, long eyelashes, and perfect profile! Of course Class of 2015 Bowdon High School senior Sadie Ock is even more gorgeous in the light, where you can see every beautiful feature! We couldn’t resist that one sunset silhouette photo, though, with Sadie standing on the beach so beautifully amidst that golden Malibu sky, complete with mountains in the background! We had just hiked back down from the mountains with Sadie, too, where we saw beautiful trees, rocks, great views, and, most importantly, a motorcycle! When we asked Sadie at lunch what she was most excited about for her California senior pictures, she said she couldn’t wait to find a motorcycle to shoot with in her leather jacket and western boots. Ha ha- sure, she was excited about the ocean too- but the motorcycle location- complete with ocean view, of course- was her favorite part! The destination adventure got even better when we discovered that the motorcycle we were getting to shoot had an American flag on the back! “‘Merica!” 🙂

Of course no Malibu, California, shoot would be complete without locations full of flowers, an tree of epic proportions, and crashing waves soaking your dress and getting wet sand stuck in your toes. 🙂 Malibu surely didn’t disappoint- the tree and flowers were great, and surf was extremely high! Sadie’s two formal dresses looked great at sunset on the beach at Point Dume, and the giant splashes of ocean waves against the rocks added even more to the whole experience! Most importantly, we got to know Sadie and her family at her destination senior session in a way that we’ll never forget. Sadie, you and your family are so incredibly special, sweet, and a joy to be around! We love y’all more than the big Malibu waves, and even more than silhouettes in the sand. 🙂

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