Maybe you know Megan already. She is insta-famous, after all. Haha. If you check out her Instagram, you’ll see some of the most beautiful selfies on the planet. 😉 You’ll also see a few videos of her singing and playing guitar with her dad. So sweet! Her voice is beautiful and powerful, and her dad’s harmonies make the sound even more amazing. We love that someone who gets tons of attention online is fine with taking the attention off of herself and onto someone as fun and talented as her dad! After incorporating Megan’s guitar and love for music into her shoot, we started photographing her dad’s vintage Chevrolet. Adding a rose to that beautiful car made it even more fun to photograph! Megan’s mom was an important part of the shoot too, from helping us hold lights and reflectors and Megan’s cheerleading pom pons to making sure none of us passed out from heat exhaustion on the hottest day of the year- haha!

It’s evident how special Megan’s family is to her, and that speaks volumes about why she’s such a fun-loving, confident, talented senior! She probably loves her family so much that she would have given them all her roses from her shoot, haha- which, by the way, looked awesome with her red and black outfit complete with matching heels! No matter how far Megan’s heels (or other awesome shoes!) take her, we know she’ll stay “close to home” in her heart. She might even write a song about that, after she’s done with her busy days cheering for the Cougars as an Alexander High School cheerleader! Go Cougars, and, in keeping with the red and black theme, Go Dawgs! 😉

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