Desert Oasis: Mckinley in Vegas

You just crash-landed from the future and into a desert ghost town. You’re wearing your silver peplum outfit because it matches your spaceship (that just so happens to look like an airplane) 😉 , and you didn’t forget your epic futuristic shoes (well, they aren’t futuristic to you, of course). Perhaps in the future it’s easier to walk in tall heels, but for today, your silver platform heels have to make their way through the rocky desert terrain one step at a time. First, you’re a little nervous, so you find shelter under a piece of the crashed cockpit. Your bravery finally kicks in and you do a backbend to stretch and get ready for the upcoming adventure. After some exploring- “Whoa! An airstream! How old could this be?”- and one final “pout” atop an old car, you finally make your way out of Nelson, Nevada, and arrive at Lake Las Vegas. A desert oasis!! Now you can put flowers in your hair and don your colorful, bright, tropical fashion (including your custom kimono-inspired piece made by Jennifer Shunn!). Enjoy the palm trees, pool, and beautiful blue lake. Exfoliate in the sand. 😉 Hey, this crash landing into the past has brought you to an awesome resort!

See, there’s more to the desert than dry terrain and hot weather, and there’s more to Vegas than slot machines! You just walked a mile in McKinley’s (fabulous) shoes, and now you know “what happened in Vegas”  for this beautiful Carrollton High School senior while she modeled for us as we helped teach a photography conference! Well, actually you only know half of it:  you’ll have to come back later for Part Two, and you won’t want to miss it!! Hint:  it may involve a Roman-inspired fashion shoot at Caesar’s Palace, a custom-made couture dress shoot at Red Rock Canyon, and- of course- a little bit of “Wild West!” This crash landing is turning into an epic adventure!!