Senior Session

Senior shoot information, product details, & the creative process

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” -Walt Disney

Your photos will communicate something. We believe they should communicate who you are! Let us know what you love, the sports or activities you’re involved in, and the dreams you have, and the innovation for your shoot will begin!

The day of your senior shoot will be fantastic! We’ll cover a range of outfits and styles, sports, activities, or whatever it is you love most, at locations that fit your outfits and interests or have special meaning to you. The photo shoot itself isn’t the “end,” though- actually it’s not even the beginning! The dreams begin at a consultation where we meet with your family and get to know each other while we plan for a great shoot. We’ll help you plan your outfits, talk about locations and ideas for your session, and find out what kind of art your family would love for their home.

Soon after your senior shoot you’ll have an in-person ordering session where you’ll see your photos and enjoy a really special time with your family. This is also when you and your family will choose all the products you want for your home- and we only offer the absolute best! We’ll work with your family to design art that goes well with your home and make sure you love every single photo and piece of art that you choose! We offer a range of custom-designed, high-end products of the finest quality, including the following:

  • Fine art gallery metal prints & murals

  • Fine art gallery wrap canvases & canvas collections

  • Hand-crafted solid wood mouldings & custom framing

  • Signature custom-designed velvet touch photographic album

  • Custom-designed graduation announcements/invitations

  • Graduation banners & signing albums

Parents, get in touch by giving us a call or filling out our contact form! We’ll talk about what you and your senior want for the session and work with you to schedule a date for the shoot, as well as your consultation and ordering session. Upon scheduling your Senior Session, the selected date of the shoot must be secured on the calendar via credit/debit card. Only the creative fee must be paid at the time of booking, which covers the cost of the session (not including prints or products). Creative fees for the Senior Session are non-refundable and begin at $325 (additional travel charges or location fees may apply). All sessions require a minimum print purchase, and we offer a variety of Senior Portrait Collections and specialty products to choose from that you will love and keep in the family forever!

Reserve the Shoot!

Approximately two to three weeks after your shoot, the wait is over- you get to see your incredible photos! The ordering session is the time in which you’ll order all of your favorite images for your album and choose the wall groupings you love for your home. There’s no need for pens and paper- we keep records of everything you choose! This time is very intimate and special for the family. You’ll love seeing your photos on our large projector screen and reviewing how your favorite images and groupings will look on your walls! We’ll also help you through the process of choosing the photos you love most as we work with you to decide which ones will look best together.

This unique process is about creating beautiful, custom art for your home. From start to finish, the Michael&Melia Seniors experience is about celebrating the senior, creating what you love, and designing something unique to you that looks gorgeous in your home!

Let’s Get Started!

Although we love spontaneity in some aspects of the creative world, it’s important to us to help you plan ahead from the beginning! At your consultation, we’ll not only talk about outfits, locations, and creative ideas, but we’ll also review a detailed price sheet with you of all of our senior portrait collections and a la carte options so you can be fully informed from the start. While no decisions are required until the ordering session, it’s helpful to know what the options are and begin picturing your favorite possible wall groupings in your home. Planning aside, you’ll definitely see the spontaneous side of us at the shoot (and elsewhere)! Get ready- we’re gonna have a lot of fun!

Let the Planning Begin!

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