Sneak Peek: Mariyah’s Destination Senior Session in Destin, FL!

Destin, Florida, became a little more beautiful over Carrollton High School’s fall break. That’s right- class of 2015 senior Mariyah Bruton was there! Ha ha, really, we actually saw one of the most breathtaking sunsets we’ve ever seen while we were there, and the view got even better when Mariyah entered the scene.

California Dreamin’: Class of 2015 Harrison H.S. Senior Alexis!

“California dreamin'” became a reality with Class of 2015 Senior Alexis Erebia! Considering what a bright, sunny, smiling senior Alexis is, it made sense that her destination session would be in Malibu, California! That bright light of hers doesn’t come from the west coast sun, though, or even the east coast sun, haha. It comes from within, and that’s why Alexis brought extra warmth even to California!

Silhouettes in the Sand: Class of 2015 Bowdon H.S. Senior Sadie!

You know someone’s beautiful when even her silhouette shows her glamorous curls, long eyelashes, and perfect profile! Of course Class of 2015 Bowdon High School senior Sadie Ock is even more gorgeous in the light, where you can see every beautiful feature! We couldn’t resist that one sunset silhouette photo, though, with Sadie standing on the beach so beautifully amidst that golden Malibu sky, complete with mountains in the background!